Monday, 19 October 2009

cnc plasma machine is go and Poker Guards

- insert bollocks justification here as to why no direct work has been done on any motorbike - but aside from that the cnc plasma design is coming on with a honking success. I have picked out and priced up all the frame work, finalised on a rack and pinion drive for each axis but trying to find out the potential benefits of a roller pinion system over the conventional and whether the probable extra cost is justified. If anyone has any thoughts or input on this I'd be most appreciative. I've also found the drive units to run the stepper motors and it is surprisingly cheap, the software that it'll be running on is Mach 3. But before anything is purchased I shall be popping down to see the guru of such things Mr Stuart this weekend for him to look over my designs and see if he can spot any potential disasters. The ratitude finishes in a couple of days from now and I'm pleased with its current success on ebay as I didn't put much effort in, all I gotta do now is figure out where the other end of the expansion tank is meant to be...

On a side note, I good friend of mine is making these great looking poker chip guards for your evenings activities, they are made from solid brass and have a great surface finish and what is even better is they can come with whatever you like milled ontop! I think for £15 a piece they are a bargain. check them out here - Poker Chip Guard

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

clip on bars

Not much work has been done on the Avenger recently as I've had to be getting the ratitude ready for ebay, buying a few other hacks (a Yamaha Maxim 750 & Yamaha Seca 750) and preparing to take my stock 1979 Honda CB550 off the road to be cafe racered for next spring, my inspiration being Stonebridge Motor Company's bike called 'little miss dynamite'.

Anyways, I have put the clip on handlebars onto the Avenger and I have been nibbling at the gear linkage's again but just to prove I havn't been kicking back I have also been sorting out the workshop even further as more and more gets rammed into the ever enclosing space.

Above and beyond all that the Iron Monkey Store has also been starting to roll in preperation for its currently un-dated launch.