Wednesday, 14 October 2009

clip on bars

Not much work has been done on the Avenger recently as I've had to be getting the ratitude ready for ebay, buying a few other hacks (a Yamaha Maxim 750 & Yamaha Seca 750) and preparing to take my stock 1979 Honda CB550 off the road to be cafe racered for next spring, my inspiration being Stonebridge Motor Company's bike called 'little miss dynamite'.

Anyways, I have put the clip on handlebars onto the Avenger and I have been nibbling at the gear linkage's again but just to prove I havn't been kicking back I have also been sorting out the workshop even further as more and more gets rammed into the ever enclosing space.

Above and beyond all that the Iron Monkey Store has also been starting to roll in preperation for its currently un-dated launch.

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