Thursday, 20 August 2009


Going AWOL for 10 days people. catch you when I'm back. Ride safe.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

absent with leave

ok guys Im gonna be absent with leave for a while, Im away until tuesday then Im off to france for a not well earned break on friday for 10 days or so. Then its right back on it to finish the bike in marathon time plus Im gonna be intoducing a mental challenge which will have to be designed and completed in 3 weeks or so, it may come as a shock to some of you but its gonna be tasty, watch this space and keep kickin the tail lights dudes.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

PHAT yokes part 2

Decided to turn the yokes upside down today to have the nut at the bottom giving a cleaner look, also, instead of just having 2 stopping pins decided to run 2 bars between the yokes which make it look more agressive, didn't get chance to put the headlamp back on but now it will be mounted from the bottom yoke as that was previously the top. Was caught up fannying with another bike for a little bit and catching up with a mate so that was it today. I did take a couple of photos on the phone but my computer seems to be allergic to them.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

PHAT wideglide yokes

today was a short day due to fabulous weather outside so I spent the morning drilling and tapping the PHAT 2" thick yokes so they can secure themselves onto the headstock and the stanchions, also drilled and tapped for the light to fit on upside down from the underside of the top yoke and of course the pins to stop the bars swinging too wide. Happy to have that done now as it was a job that has been on my brain for a couple of weeks as I milled the yokes out nearly 6 weeks ago now.
Drilling and tapping 9 holes may not sound like a big job but bear in mind there's 6 drill bits needed for each hole and the drill bed has to be moved for clearance of the chuck each time, a timely and patient job...
I'll bring some photos back with me tomorrow as I was in a bad mood and just wanted to leave after my hand came in between my mallet and the yoke.

Also, decided to learn how to work leather as the previous thoughts were to strap the tank down with army belt webbing but that idea has changed to leather and of course it cant just be plain leather, not in this game....

p.s - Nathans confirmed new rule - I dont touch fairing crap. even if you are my best friend.

Friday, 7 August 2009

the Avenger - so far

ok, so this bike is in the last throws of being built now so I'll give you a quick background catch-up.
This bike is built from a 1977 Honda CB550, heavily influenced by the GAU-8 Gatling Gun, AKA 'the Avenger' . We've half built a revolving exhaust and have yet to complete but this is the taste that the bike is heading towards.

So far we've:

Re-conditioned and re-built the engine, Hard-tailed the frame, adjusted the wiring loom to work from the back rather than the front and hidden it inside the frame with the battery and other gubbins inside a ammunition box on the left rear of the bike, made a pair of solid 6082 (2" thick) wideglide front yokes, added a set of Dyna-coils as only the kickstart will be available, thats right none of this new-school shit.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Rock n Roll Bike

This was the last bike created, built around a 2001 Yamaha Dragstar it consisted of one-off made z-handle bars, one-off made risers, custom straight-through pipes wrapped in ceramic, custom 'finned' tank, one-off made rear fender, custom made rear light, hand-pressed aliminium seat, custom wiring loom/switches, one-off suicide clutch and one-off ''rock 'n' roll'' footpegs.

Check out t
he video :