Sunday, 9 August 2009

PHAT wideglide yokes

today was a short day due to fabulous weather outside so I spent the morning drilling and tapping the PHAT 2" thick yokes so they can secure themselves onto the headstock and the stanchions, also drilled and tapped for the light to fit on upside down from the underside of the top yoke and of course the pins to stop the bars swinging too wide. Happy to have that done now as it was a job that has been on my brain for a couple of weeks as I milled the yokes out nearly 6 weeks ago now.
Drilling and tapping 9 holes may not sound like a big job but bear in mind there's 6 drill bits needed for each hole and the drill bed has to be moved for clearance of the chuck each time, a timely and patient job...
I'll bring some photos back with me tomorrow as I was in a bad mood and just wanted to leave after my hand came in between my mallet and the yoke.

Also, decided to learn how to work leather as the previous thoughts were to strap the tank down with army belt webbing but that idea has changed to leather and of course it cant just be plain leather, not in this game....

p.s - Nathans confirmed new rule - I dont touch fairing crap. even if you are my best friend.

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