Friday, 7 August 2009

the Avenger - so far

ok, so this bike is in the last throws of being built now so I'll give you a quick background catch-up.
This bike is built from a 1977 Honda CB550, heavily influenced by the GAU-8 Gatling Gun, AKA 'the Avenger' . We've half built a revolving exhaust and have yet to complete but this is the taste that the bike is heading towards.

So far we've:

Re-conditioned and re-built the engine, Hard-tailed the frame, adjusted the wiring loom to work from the back rather than the front and hidden it inside the frame with the battery and other gubbins inside a ammunition box on the left rear of the bike, made a pair of solid 6082 (2" thick) wideglide front yokes, added a set of Dyna-coils as only the kickstart will be available, thats right none of this new-school shit.

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