Tuesday, 8 September 2009

electrics box and engine timing topped with nato green dreams

This morning I set the timing chain on the bike between the valve shaft and the crank, so I'm glad that's done as its been on my brain as a must, now the valve covers are firmly locked down on top. I also welded two extra trianglation pieces into the frame and made the internal support structure for the electrics box which now only requires one more 'pin' to be welded onto the side of the frame to support the box itself. As I'm confident I built the loom correctly tomorrow is going to be mainly geared towards firing the engine so I'll have to fill it up with oil, pop some fuel in and be getting my kicking leg ready. even with a set of dyna-coils on I've been at bikes kicking for a good half hour before they decide to blub into life but we've re-conditioned this whole engine so I dont see what'll be stopping it. On another note, the mudguard and tank have been primed and I managed to get the suppliers who er, supply, the paint to the army to supply me! sweet, so thats two lots of 'nato green' I have for the first layer of the paint job before the rust is applied.

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