Thursday, 10 September 2009

exhausted with exhausts

today was one of those days where you spend 6 hours doing something to realise a: its not very good, b: it can be alot better done another way. so after much bending, cutting, welding, bleeding, beating, muttering, drilling but no milling I came to those aforementioned conclusions. but now all is much better, I started the day knowing nothing about how to mount, rotate and case the eccentric exhaust I have created and ended by having half of it done and a scribbling of material lists to be able to finish it tomorrow.

Also decided to put a suicide shift on the right hand side of the bike for something a little different, I know technically that isn't a suicide shift but I'm not sure what it is right now. A little history is as follows -

'suicide shift' - clutch operated via left foot and gears via hand shift
'jockey clutch' - clutch operated via left hand lever mounted ON hand shift

lesson over.

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