Monday, 14 September 2009

It's all about your ratitude

The last couple of days I havn't been working on the Avenger at all as I've been forwarding my attention to my own hack called ratitude. A friend of mine had a head on crash (fortunatly still grooving along nicely) so I relieved him of his crash victim ( a Kawasaki GPZ) and decided to rat it out. I took the front end of a redundant kawasaki I had hanging in the corner and bastardised it on, adding a front lamp I've had hanging around for ages. I cut off the gay tailsection and shortened a fire extinguisher that (I thought) was empty to use as the petrol tank. Also, married up the old dragstar seat and the mudguard from a Honda CB I got in once. So far the efforts are as follows...



  1. give me your bike and I'll give it the same treatment for a fee.