Wednesday, 2 September 2009

working leather

Howdy all, I am back from me short travels. Today I was mainly cleaning and sorting out the workshop as way too much stuff is getting ontop of itself so I've been taking down a work bench that isn't really used whilst tomorrow I'm gonna be putting up a corner rack to hold more gear. I've been getting fustrated at the way bike bits and spares are spread all over the shop along with materials so I'm making a good effort to seperate these and taking the opportunity to have a good brush down is no bad thing either. I'll be pimping up the security in the shop some more too. I didn't get a huge amount done though as I was helping a good friend with his motorsickle problem. Tonight though I turned my hand to some leather work for the strapping to hold down the tank on the Avenger, I just want a simply 'Iron Monkey' lettering going down each strap, nothing fancy so this is my results, not to bad for a free-hand first go...

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